Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need a job?

Here are some things I would pay someone to do for me:

1. Pick out my courses for school. There are too many lists to make, prerequisites to check, and professors to cross-reference. If it were possible to scratch one's eyes out, I would have done it today.

2. Talk to professors/other "adults". Like say, if I don't understand why I got a certain grade and I want to hash it out, said personal assistant could discuss said grade for me!

3. Try on clothes--now this is a little more difficult seeing as how the person would have to fit my exact measurements, but I get tired trying on item after item, especially when I've already been to four stores looking for a pair of khaki pants.

4. Follow around in general and play music--I always have a song stuck in my head and wouldn't it be cool if someone just walked around with you and played a soundtrack for your life? Score!



  1. I love picking out classes. I know that's weird but I think I'll miss it once I graduate.

    I need someone to find me a job. Maybe we can hire a couple of people to do everything for us?

  2. Hi there, you were in my top 9 commenters to receive a post card. Please e-mail me your mailing address if you'd still like to receive one:)

  3. When I got my first iPod years ago I was a freshman and thought it was so great listening to it whilst walking to class. I felt like I was in a movie. Someone was playing the soundtrack to my life... of course, that person, mix-master extraordinaire was me!!

  4. Ha ha its so true about the soundtrack!! I've always thought about how in the 80's people (in movies at least) had boomboxes on their shoulders...I feel like some of the guys in clueless even do that! And I agree with your other commenter-when I have my ipod in I totally feel like there's a soundtrack playing!