Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Hills are a-lie

In last night's stirring episode of the MTV's critically acclaimed dramatic series, "the H*ills", Bro*dy's flavor-of-the-week (and Krist*en's latest competition-ZOMG), complained about adjusting to life in L.A. In so many words, she laments that the hardest part about life in the City of Angels is "meeting genuine people".

Ummm. Sweetheart. You're hanging out with cast members of the H*ills.

These people get paid tens of thousands of dollars PER EPISODE to act like crazies who show up drunk at their ex-bestie's birthday party (uninvited to boot) AND drape themselves in crystals to rid their bods of "bad energy".

Soooo good luck with that.

This is why I cannot watch "reality" TV


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Double Whammy

Strangers and people you haven't seen in a while tend to ask the same questions, "appropriately" directed towards your age bracket or life stage. You may recognize these gems as,

When are you having kids?
Are you two still together?
How's the job search coming?
Have you lost weight?*

*If YES, then it's an awesome question. If NO, see the above heading.

I fall into the Early-20's-Still-In-College bunch, so I am quizzed on these more times than I care to admit:

1. What's your major?
2. Are you dating anyone?

The answer to the first is always, "History. I want to work in a museum. No, I don't really want to teach". I don't understand why people look so worried/appalled/indignant when I reply. I mean, it's not like I'm majoring in circus performing, exotic dancing, or ceramics. I have a few "career options", relax. Little known fact about history majors: they can really do anything. Writing, editing, teaching...

...Park Ranger-ing...
...CIA Agent-ing...

Just saying.

Perhapsicals we will cover Question #2 another day...le sigh.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I recently decided to start a little project known as "Investing in Me!". Mostly, this entails buying things for myself.

Just Kidding. Sort of.

It all started with a dress. I found this SUPER cute dress at the Loft over Spring Break. I decided to get the dress, exclaiming to my sister and mom that I wanted to "invest in me!". It wasn't something I would have gotten for myself in the past, but for some reason it felt like the right purchase to make. VoilĂ ..."investment" #1.

Investment #2 was and is a little more intense. I decided to embark on a little weight-loss challenge, gearing up for summer b.suits and trying to rid myself once and for all of the chub. I am proud to announce that as of today, I've lost 15 pounds! I'm pretty stoked, to say the least, and I have no intention of stopping for a while. Aaaaand, now that I've announced it to the world, I guess I have to keep it up. Ha!

All I'm saying is that sometimes, you need to do something to "invest" in you!
You'll feel better about yourself and then the possibilities are endless.

I promise not every post will be this gushy.