Monday, June 20, 2011


Get out of bed (+1)
Go on jog-walk (+5)
Wash car (+4)
Run errands (+2)
McDonalds 49-cent hamburger day (-7)
2 chocolate chip cookies (-4)
Vacuum car (+4)
Pass out of exhaustion and do nothing the rest of the afternoon (-5).



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer lovin

Random thought-sies 'bout my summer.

You know how the government has a "Do Not Call List" (that may or may not be effective, I still get calls all the time)? I think I need a "Do Not Facebook Stalk List" (Note: can say with absolute certainty that it will be just as ineffective as it's aforementioned counterpart :) )

As per my usual, I owe the library almost $10 for overdue movies/CD's. Because hey, why mess with tradition? I love including them in my monthly budgets. NOT. Anyhoo, without that gov-funded establishment, my music collection would be a sadz one (Thanks, librarians!) #thingsyoushouldn'tmentionontheinterwebs

Among my summer music suggestions are the new Kings of Leon CD, Come Around Sundown and Maroon 5's Hands All Over. I mean come on, do these not scream summer jams? KOL is a lot beachier than before, IMO, and I like the songs "Back Down South" and "Radioactive". M5 is a given because of my obsession with A.Lavine. Tons of good tracks on that one, check 'em out!

Did you know [four-fifths] of O-Town is reuniting? I was OBSESSED with them back in the day, like all of my friends thought it was crazy that I moved to Orlando from MD at the height of their success and popularity. Anyone else? I'm excited to see where their new project ends up.