Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Doxie's Docket

I have a tendency to bite off more books than I can chew, what with the library holding all those free gems just waiting for me to scoop up, like Belle sliding down the wall on the ladder searching for her faves to borrow (clearly all my reading has not deterred my using run-on sentences). Per usual, I'm reading 3 books right now and have a slew of others waiting in the wings.

Currently reading:
Band of Brothers (ongoing since finals week...worst historian ever, I am)
Death Comes to Pemberley (review to follow if I ever finish it)
One Year Bible (self-explanatory)

Next Up (vacationing in the J.Adler book 'em?!):
The Hunger Games (I'm always late to the party)
Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (might skip this one, still undecided)

read on!


  1. Just started The Hunger Games and I can definitely see what all the hype is about! It is required reading for one of my classes because my major rocks.