Monday, January 16, 2012

Won't you be mine...?

As a singleton, I feel somewhat obligated to tell you how much I hate Valentine's Day. Lest you think I'm about to dive into a diatribe about Hallmark and their schemes...relaaaaax. I'm trying to rise about the negativity. You're welcome!

Since I like the color pink and I look smashing in red, I'll humor you lovers of heart shaped cards with some of my favorite sentiments. If I had a valentine, or was a 5th grader eager to fill my mailbox with sweet treats, I'd save these for myself. Alas, I'm sharing them with you lucky dogs!

source: all from

Happy valentine hunting!
(only 28 days to go!)

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  1. one of the best valentines days I've had was two years ago when I got a bunch of single girlfriends together for brunch at the Love Cafe in the East Village (mentioned heavily in "Rent" if you're familiar) - we dressed up for each other and just celebrated love and togetherness and eggs benedict. it was awesome