Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Treatsies

How y'all doin, y'all??

I'm {still} recovering from the supa-bowl festivities on Sunday...and by festivities I mean going to a party and then coming home to a puppy-accident-situation of semi-epic proportions. YUCK. Said puppy is still cute, but a handful as the Terrible Two's (months, not years) have arrived!

This week is super-dee-duper exciting because I'm starting my NEW JOB on Wednesday! Squee!! Any excuse to partially-buy a new wardrobe is cause to celebrate in my book. Best part is come tomorrow I'll be JAMMING to the new Paul McCartney AND the Fray albums, both out todayyyy! Can you tell I'm jazzed? BECAUSE I AM.

Also exciting? This weekend my dear sister-friend introduced me to Benefit Erase Paste and for the love of all that is Ulta, it is AMAZING. I dab it over my under-eye circles and *as of late, hellacious* blemishes, and then apply my regular foundation! It's fantastic!

Until next time...

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