Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The D-word


More like DIE-it.

I hate dieting, which is sad, because what's so bad about actually eating proper portions and more green stuff? And I KNOW, I KNOW, it's called a "lifestyle change".

I'm by NO means a dietitian or health expert, and frankly, people that are totally wig me out. Like how am I supposed to relate to someone who thinks chocolate chip cookies are the devil's handiwork? At any rate, I thought it would be fun to share some things I do/swear by/obsessively depend upon whilst cutting calories...

1. Water, water, water: Duh. Water is the most basic thing you can put into your body, so obviously it's gonna be good for you. I try to drink more water now, and find that cute Tervis and Lilly tumblers make the medicine -er, water- go down!

2. Mint candies: When I find myself jonesing for a snack at the office, I grab a wintergreen lifesaver mint instead. Pam Anderson swore that she kept in shape by brushing her teeth whenever a snacky craving struck, so this is my non-Baywatch careerist alternative.

3. Don't give up dessert: Personally, if I falter and indulge in a "treat" that I've previously eliminated from my diet altogether, I'm more likely to become a repeat offender than if I practiced moderation in the first place. Like a 90 year old, I "need" to have something sweet after a meal. I've found a few figure-friendly desserts that are satisfying, rather than torturing myself every time someone makes a bowl of ice cream after dinner.

4. Find your workout groove: I used to HATE working out. I don't like to run, am not huge on exercising outdoors in general in FL, and have never played a sport. I've discovered I'm a video workout junkie. My favorite? ZUMBA! Fun and a VERY fulfilling workout if you do it long enough.

5. Don't beat yourself up: For a solid week, my weight did not budge an ounce. Then I started losing again. I tried not to let it get to me, but it did. Really, it's not worth it and you should just do your best and keep moving.

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