Monday, April 16, 2012

Meanwhile, in Limbo...

I'm guilty. Guilty of selling myself short. Guilty of falling out of good patterns and behavior. Guilty of not setting goals. I never realized how unstructured life without school is. Even though I work, my part-time schedule still affords some flexibility in my week. This flexibility has almost been too much, so much that I've essentially used all of my free time to watch DVR'd shows when I get home. I was doing really well in January and February with my One Year Bible plan, but that broke down when I first started my internship AND started sleep/potty training Pippa. And that's pretty sad--we're talking like 2.5 pages A DAY. Now I'm wayyyy behind and really disappointed with myself. I've also stopped working out/dieting...crafting...organizing...all the stuff I thought I could do during this grey post-grad period.

Well TODAY it stops, my friends.

I'm getting over my own LAZINESS and PRESSING ON! I realized this weekend that no one is going to do any of those things for me or on my behalf {Although, wouldn't it be great if someone could eat vegetables for me so I could eat all of my birthday cake instead?? I think I'm onto something here...}

Why am I telling you all of this? Accountability. This is officially on the interwebz for all the world, and myself to see. There's no excuse to fall back into the doldrums when I can reunite with my old good patterns. Time to go forth and conquer!

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  1. I'm with you. It's like the 4th month slump of NYR for me. Let's get with the program.